Do you really need credit repair?

When people refer to credit repair, they mean fixing bad credit in any way and form but are actually referring to process of disputing and correcting errors on your credit report. Firstly, fixing your credit is no overnight journey. It is full of patience, hard work and being a little more self organised. Any attempt to do a quick credit fix may backfire, which will land up costing you more.

According to some studies, most credit reports contain upto 70% inaccuracies which are very serious in nature. You cannot dispute accurate information on your credit report with the credit bureau, but can certainly do it for inaccurate entries under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Filing such a dispute will not hurt your credit score, and the score only changes if there is a change in your credit report.

Fixing these errors is a longshot legal process, and involves sending a lot of dispute letters, reminders and studying the reports extensively. This is very time consuming and can do more harm than good if it is done by a first timer. That is where experts like us come in and help you offload all the time and energy you will be spending into something as tricky as credit repair.

Credit repair services are especially helpful when:
The negative debts or items on your credit report are due to errors in accounting, reporting or any other discrepancy committed by the creditor or the credit bureau itself. Genuine errors can be removed very easily with proper process with the help of credit repair orange county experts like us.

  • As a service provider, we have a keen eye to spot even the smallest of errors in your credit history and report and offer an authentic solution to fix it.
  • When you need credit repair, you probably won’t get approved for any loans on your own.
  • You cannot find anyone to co-sign in for loan approval.

As a forward thinking company, we want you to know your rights as a consumer and understand them too. Thus,our experts take the time out to inform you of all the laws and legalities, so you know exactly what is happening and are in control. We urge you to be transparent as well, so we can understand your spending habits and fix your debt to income ratio.

If you’re looking out for a team that will repair your credit history, monitor your credit profile and build your financial future, then reach out to us today!